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Megan Kush


I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.
Marilyn Monroe

Lovely Megan is a; delicious, ripe, elegant and enchanting young woman.

she has long blonde hair that flows down her back to those curvaceous hips and round booty which curve into two amazing toned tanned legs all the way down to her kissable toes. Her sexy seductive bedroom eyes will entice you to follow them to her smooth soft lips which you surely will want to taste. As your eyes wonder farther down they will stumble upon her plump ripe boobs and tight stomach.

You will quickly learn that Megan is very open-minded, playful and affectionate. She can be your secret temptation, your long term devoted seductress or even the beautiful playmate you want to show off for the evening.

Lovely Megan is a fun sized energized dynamite young women who is; personable, polite, responsive, and to top it off a beautiful bombshell beauty

How can any man resist?
You will want some of Lovely Megan. And then you will want some more. And then you will want all of Lovely Megan.


Nutrition/Fitness, Photographer, Shopping, Beauty Activities, Flower, Lingerie, and Travel.

Expectations and Donations

24/7 Schedule Prior Notice Appreciated Not Required

$250 HR $200 HH $2000 Overnights

All Lines of Communication Accepted

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