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Lillian Grace

+Compelling Companion

I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.

Incisive and curious are words that best describe me. I’m driven to deeply understand how things work and find myself endlessly looking for new things to try, places to experience and people to meet. You could easily say that I have a healthy appetite for life.

While I consider myself to be well-traveled, educated and worldly for my age, I’m fairly traditional with a couple of things. You wouldn’t find me hiking a mountain to set camp, but you’d probably find me strolling along the beach, collecting beautiful shells and scrunching the sand between my toes. The other, and perhaps the most significant, would be my old fashioned natural poise of feminine delicacy and etiquette – sadly, a dying tradition in this new era.

The art of companionship is one I thoroughly enjoy; Playful teasing, simple pleasures and hedonistic pampering, while leaving behind the weighted attachments of a conventional relationship. What you see of me now is only a small portion of my life. I have a fulfilling life outside this and although I stay busy, my schedule is flexible enough that I can accommodate you almost any day with proper notice.

I have no pre-conceived notions about what makes people attractive. I’m not a lover of one sort but rather of many types, however, I find myself at the peak of my passions when I’m with another who chooses a companion based on intellectual and emotional connection. I’m best suited with those who enjoy long encounters that allow the time to build up chemistry -Mixtures of public and private settings over a weekend date complement me well. I feed of intellectual stimulation and that, in return, fuels my internal excitement. Are you someone who can first seduce my mind?


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