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Lady Madelyn

+Lucious, classy and an oh sooo sensual erotcist.

Live life to the fullest, Love like your heart has never been broken and Laugh until you pee in your pants

Allow me the pleasure of telling you a little about myself. I’m a Mistress/Courtesean to upscale discremenating Gentlemen. My desire is to restore joy and happiness to your life as you follow me into a decadent erotic experience that will create memories for a life time. I want you to indulge all your senses in the “ultimate” sexy, steamy experience of a very skilled vixen who loves what she does and adores Gentlemen.

I’m extremely playful and flirty by nature with a great sense of humor. I love to please, tease and laugh! Along with being very, very affectionate and doing those “little things” for you, that mean a lot.

I look forward to our unforgettable “play time” together. (sexy wink)

A thousand “Hot” Passionate kisses,

Lady Madelyn


I love long hot steamy showers or baths with my “white t-shirt” on (of course this is optional)…giggle. Private Dancing (non professional) but extremely HOT and I know just where to put the moves on you. Just sayin… Pampering my Client and doing those little things for him that are mostly overlooked, such as: helping you soap up, giving you a full body rub with my body while I moisturize your skin, to help you. Well, I’m sure you get the picture by now Darling. Favorite gifts: Piniot Grigio Wine, Big Diamonds (a girl can never have enough “baubles”. I also am current on World events and love “witty conversation” and flirting.

Expectations and Donations

I don’t see any “last minute appointments”, not even for established Clients. I’m Private, Discreet and Exclusive, BTW, I also have a Personal Life like any ordinary person, just in case you were wondering. Please READ my “Etiquette” Tab on my Website on how to conduct your self when visiting with me, (don’t just look at the pretty Pictures boys :))

Contact Info

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