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Katherine Grey

+Classy BBW seeks upscale Gentleman

The Lady Katherine seeks a companion

Making My World Revolve Around Yours, One Hour At A Time

I am neither a spinner nor a goddess…rather I am the salesclerk, the schoolteacher, the waitress, the lady at the grocery store you have seen a thousand times but never even noticed.

That is, until the day you dropped your gloves and heard a soft moan escape my lips as you bent down to retrieve them…mmmmmm. You blushed in confusion, not sure of what just happened, looking back only when you had taken a few steps away. “Was that for me?” You keep thinking to yourself…but as you turn to look and meet my gaze, you see the wicked smile on my face and the sultry look in my eyes and you are sure. Yes, very sure that this lady, who was before just a face in the crowd, has now let you know very clearly what is going through her mind.

And now you have found me… I am Katherine :)


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