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+True Courtesan

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My persona melds intelligence, beauty, wit, charm and sophistication. I am a woman, not a girl. I am ageless and timeless with classic femininity. Statuesque and tall (5’8-1/2, almost 6’ in heels) with lush curves and good proportions, I am developed, ripened and perfected. I have red hair (I was born a redhead!) deep teal/blue eyes, full lips, radiant smile, a fine nose and high cheekbones. My complexion is very clear and fair with a sprinkling of freckles attesting to my Northern European ancestry. I have often been told I resemble Ann-Margret and that I look even better and younger in the flesh. Many have described my look as striking. One example of my style is to leave something to the imagination, so my photos will always be alluring but tasteful. Because I am discreet and have respect for your privacy and my safety, I do not share photos revealing my entire face but I promise, you won’t be disappointed. (See my reviews!)

I am a true romantic and sensualist, always a lady in public but a playful seductress in private. I am a product of finishing school which has educated me in the elegance of dress combined with grace, poise and a warm and friendly demeanor. My instruction, education and experience in fashion, fine art and design makes me a stylish companion, however I am as comfortable in elegant evening attire as I am a pair of jeans and boots. I am also one of the most down to earth, open and friendly people you will ever meet, can move in any circle and I am always discreet in public. I am a patron of the arts and other cultural pastimes, an epicure and a connoisseur of the beau monde. I am healthy and fit and although I may imbibe in the occasional glass of wine or shared cigar at a gentleman’s request, I absolutely do not indulge in other chemical substances or unhealthy activities. I ask that you refrain from doing so as well, either in my presence or prior to a meeting.

Our time together will be a richly textured tapestry of physical connection, engaging conversation,and joyous laughter. I aspire to embody one of the most feminine beings you have ever met, with all the mystery and eroticism that entails. I am a woman who considers attention to your every need to be paramount in the creation of what I hope will be one, or perhaps many, of your great memories and experiences.

Kindly allow me to introduce myself to you…the original TRUE Courtesan in Minnesota!

Expectations and Donations

$350 One hour

$450 90 minute

$600 Two hours

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