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Brick House

+They Call Me The Brick House

“I used to be Snow White, then I drifted.” Mae West

They call me the Brick House because I’ve got all my bricks in place and naturally, they are stacked in your favor!

I like Frank Sinatra, whiskey and sex but I’ll let you figure out in which order to apply them.

Don’t let my tough exterior fool you though, I’m all sweet and sugary on the inside and you can do the melting in my mouth!


My interests are varied. Writing and reading …arithmetic not so much.

I’m a mature and knowledgeable provider who enjoys herself.

Expectations and Donations

I’m available by appointment but can do same day appointments if given enough advance notice. My rates are 200 for an hour at my place and 225 for time at the location of your choosing. I discount for multiple hours. Please have references ready when you contact me for an appointment.

Contact Info

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