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Bossy Rider

+Elegant * Exclusive * Educated * Professional


“Until the naturalness of sex is accepted, nobody can love anybody.” OSHO

Lovely mature petite woman with warm personality and southern charm. Appreciates the company of respectful mature gentlemen over fifty. Enjoys fine dining, theater, museums, music, dancing, galleries, skinny-dipping in cold rivers, sun-bathing on beautiful beaches, mutual massage and more.

Are you a sensual virtuoso? Do you use eye contact and synchronized breathing to intensify your intimate connections?

Learn how to touch someone in a way that inspires trust, confidence, passion, desire and a willing heart, through the experience of divine body worship rituals and other satisfying, skin-quenching, flow of soul therapies with the opprotunity to give as well as receive. 

Advance screening is required. Please send me an e-mail if you would like to meet in person.   


As a writer, dancer and musician with little time for a relationship, I enjoy the hobby because I have discovered that men who pay for a woman’s company are much more respectful, appreciative, confident and competent. Things that interest me are human evolution, science, politics, mysticism, cutting edge technology, current events, personal growth, and more. I am also skillful and experienced in the tantric arts.  

Expectations and Donations

$1000 for dinner, dancing, conversation and mutual massage.

$1000 per day plus expenses for travel companionship. 

Contact Info

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