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Your Savvy Sidekick
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Your Savvy Sidekick is a New York City based professional business consultant who works primarily with clients and companies in the adult industry. 

Savvy teaches business realted skills and workshops in the states and internationally and has spoken at industry related events on such topics as:

Effective Marketing

Identifying your niche and reaching your Ideal client

Integration of NLP practices to establish rapport with your clients.

How to make more money while working less hours

Superstar content building for your ads and website

and more…

She also has a thriving one on one consulting practice and writes about business related issues in regards to the adult industry. 

If you have any business related questions feel free to email her at

For the health and success of your business it’s necessary to understand the benefits of seeing your ideal client: excellent sessions, satisfied hookup customers, fantastic reviews, repeat clientele and most importantly, more money.

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A savvy ad strategy for hookups, providers and other professional adult entertainers is a crucial element in your overall marketing plan.

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Did an adult advertiser or peer post or copy your ad without your permission? It's important to keep track of where your image is online. Often new adult advertisers will copy and paste ads from other adult advertisers to fill their content.

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Integrating vocabulary into your content that your preferred market is accustomed to, is a great way to build rapport in your marketing and adveritsing.

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