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Bad Girl Christina Richards

+A lady on the street, but…

I am your friend’s daughter, your daughter’s friend. I am the girl who wears glasses and a summer dress by day and is bound at your mercy by night. I want to make you lust after me.

You take my glasses off, my hair down and command me to display myself for inspection. I say filthy things, maybe playful at first, to see what gets your heart beating fast for me. I push the limit, cross your line, and you punish me with a slap to my face or perhaps somewhere else on my body. You grip my hair, place a strong hand around my smooth throat, and secure a ball gag into my mouth. I am faint with anticipation.

You see what I crave. Though I have a young spirit, my many years of playing in kink have shaped me into a full spirited, seasoned submissive who will always look for and seek the approval of my Master. A true submissive finds gratification when her Master has found his. Even when the play is light, I find this to be my golden rule.

I submit my body and mind to you.


I like: rough and aggressive BDSM – spanking, flogging and whipping, slapping, hair pulling, punishment/training, bondage and hogties, spitting, G/S, and any type of role play

Hard Limits: marks of any type

Expectations and Donations

$550/90 mins
$700/2 hours
$1,000/3 hours
$1,300/4 hours

*Fully equipped or cozy-intimate incall available for an additional fee

Contact Info

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