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Astrid Stone

+Adorable, sweet, and petite. (With a devilish streak…)

You could have all my shine. I’ll give you the light.

Perhaps you have seen me in the light of day. I am the young woman weaving between you and strolling tourists, speedily aiming for the subway. 

A little out of place in Manhattan, and obviously catching a train back to Brooklyn. You notice my heavy Doc Martens falling onto the sidewalk and an armful of books. Hidden by dark sunglasses, you do not get to appreciate my large hazel eyes that turn green in the sun. Certainly you wouldn’t catch a glimpse of my lovely smile as I attempt to march through the crowd. You may be lucky enough to notice my long, slender legs, my small and shapley rear, or my tiny little breasts presented without a brassiere. (Very lucky indeed.)

You would never know that by night, I let my hair down and become a goddess of the city. I slip into my little black dress and become a self-aware, sensual mistress whose only pleasure is to give you pleasure. Where that pleasure comes from is up to you.

It could be the feeling derived from running your fingers over my smooth, silky skin. It could be he warmth in your chest when you are able to truly connect with another person through words and emotion. It could be the pride of having a beautiful, interesting young woman at your side.

Pleasure comes in many forms.

Let me show you.


  • political history
  • beach trips
  • dark music
  • sociology
  • documentaries
  • non-fiction of all sorts
  • obscure producers
  • dancing
  • urban exploring
  • living fearlessly

Expectations and Donations

1 hr / 400

2 hr / 750

3 hr / 1100

4 hr / 1400

Screening is required.

I am available for extended arrangements and travel.

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