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Arielle LeBlanc

+Pleasure is our birthright

I desire to place the beauty of my sexuality into your heart.

I believe that sex is natural, sacred and beautiful.

Natural: Existing in or caused by nature.
Sacred: Connected with Spirit.
Beautiful: Pleasing the senses.

I invite you to consider this for a moment…

What could be more natural and beautiful than two (or more) consenting adults celebrating the ecstatic pleasure their bodies are capable of experiencing? What could be more sacred?

“The intention of sacred sexual experience is to deepen the heart and meaning of sex and to awaken the natural connection of sexuality and spirituality.” (Excerpted from the definition of Sacred Sexuality found on sacrederos)

Our ecstatic pleasure gives us greater vitality, clarity and focus with which to catalyze the rest of our life experience.

Pleasure is our birthright.

My own personal spiritual journey to find pleasure in my life and live my passions brought me, literally, out of the boardroom and into the bedroom, where my life experience and my connection with others is now far more pleasurable and sacred than ever before!

I’ve spent many years cultivating my sensual passions.

I desire to share my passions with you.

I desire to be your sacred companion on your journey to find and live your passions.

I desire to place the beauty of my sexuality into your heart.

Together we’ll set an intention and create a magical ecstatic experience, one that suspends thoughts of all else that is happening in our lives. It’s truly my favorite form of moving meditation!

Accept my invitation to regularly include pleasure as part of your life experience; pleasure with your self, with life, with others and, naturally, with me!

In beauty,



I have an adventurous spirit and a holistic lifestyle. I’m very enthusiastic about pursuing self knowledge and regularly take workshops to enhance my self awareness, to learn and grow. I love connecting with nature, especially water. I love to travel, and prefer to experience places from a “locals” perspective. I’m a foodie, so I really enjoy exploring new restaurants and markets and love to cook for friends. I enjoy a wide range of live music, yoga/spa/sexuality retreats, hiking, kayaking and camping. I also enjoy theater, dance, the list goes on and on. I’m much more interested in participating in living life than observing others living their lives. 

Expectations and Donations

1 hour $600
2 hours (my preferred minimum) $1,000
3 hours (because 3 is always better than 2) $1,300
4 hours (sharing a meal and each other) $1,600
6 hours (sharing a meal, an event and each other) $2,000
24 hours (more of the above and some powerful dream time together) $5,000
Other arrangements are available for extended travel.

If I’m traveling to you and you are more than 30 min from my sanctuary, I need to be compensated for my travel time and expenses.

All first appointments must be booked via my secure booking form found on my website. Once we’ve shared our first experience together, you will have my email address and/or my phone number to book subsequent appointments.

Please plan ahead and allow at least 24-48 hours between when you send your request and the appointment time you seek. Once I’ve verified you, I will contact you, in the manner you’ve indicated, to solidify plans for our experience together and make arrangements for providing me a 25% deposit.

This process is designed to keep me safe, relaxed and focused on our pleasure once we are together. Rest assured that maintaining your privacy is truly one of my top priorities.

Please note that I do not ever welcome detailed reviews of our experience together. What I do welcome is a thoughtful testimonial. 

Do you desire to bring me a little something extra?

While it isn’t ever necessary, any one or more of these is most welcome!

tulips or roses
gift card from Whole Foods or Trader Joes
frequent flyer miles for Southwest or Hawaiian Airlines

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