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Aradia Abstruse


+Professional pervert - sensual humiliatrix - brunette bombshell


My brand of female dominance is hardly just a pretty lady bossing you around (although that clearly is part of the appeal, isn’t it?); it is about achieving mutual satisfaction through power play…

Often said to resemble a curvier, dark-haired Scarlett Johansson, I have been known to scare off a man or two with my piercing gaze and strong personality. Balancing both softness and domination is a specialty I particularly delight in; I relish the opportunities for bending men to my will while maintaining a charm that makes them worship me. My evil giggle is notorious.

My combination of clever banter and style that artfully mixes both the retro and modern will keep you on your toes.  My style is Suicide Girl meets 1940s babe, with red lipstick always on hand and a pair of high heels ready to make my hips sway. 

Sensual domination is an art form that I’m particularly adept at.  I love luring submissive men into a sense of security with my smile and curves only to make them remember why they came to worship me (and why they have no other choice). 

Being the Mommy Domme, the receptionist who turns the tables, or the taunting wife with the cuckolded husband tend to be my favorite roles, with the occasional appearance from the vicious Mistress or the Supreme Goddess. 

My brand of female dominance is hardly just a pretty lady bossing you around (although that clearly is part of the appeal, isn’t it?); it is about achieving mutual satisfaction through power play…however we choose to interpret that is up to us.

When I am not making my many admirers admit their desire to be enveloped, dominated, overcome by a woman with such soft, luscious curves, you might find me being sassy at a local whiskey bar, sipping on my favorite rye, or making animated faces at my computer as I click-clack away at a cafe for my other job. 


For domme and fetish sessions, find my interests below.  My favorites are italicized.

  • ‘Animal’ training + play (kitty, piggy, pony, puppy)
  • Body worship (ass, feet, hair, hands, legs)
  • Bondage (cuffs, rope, stocks, tape; lying, sitting, standing)
  • CBT 
  • Chains, collar, and leash
  • Chastity training
  • Dirty talk
  • Domestic discipline
  • Double/multiple Domme sessions (you’ll be allowed to pick from a number of women of my choosing. Their rates may vary)
  • Embarrassment and humiliation
  • Face-slapping
  • Fear play and head games
  • Games and predicaments
  • Hair-pulling
  • Impact play
  • Mummification
  • Objectification and human furniture play
  • O control
  • Public play
  • Role play of almost every sort
  • Seduction scenes
  • Sensation play
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Servitude
  • Shaving
  • Sissy training
  • Slave training (behavior modification, commands, position training)
  • Sploshing/ Wet-and-messy
  • Tease and denial/ punishment and reward
  • Temperature play (ice, hair dryer, mentholatums, wax)
  • Wax play

I also have lots of fetish related interests, and more interests beyond that; this list is hardly exhaustive.  Contact me (or check out my site) for more information.

Expectations and Donations

I request that you book with me via email.

From new clients, I request 24 hours notice, a reference, and a small deposit (less than 30% of the booking fee and it counts toward your total fee). I promise, it’s only complicated before our first meeting, and absolutely worth it!

My donation rates can be found on my site; they are not negotiable and I ask that you respect me by not bringing them up.

As for what you can expect from me:

I will always be on time, be in a proper headspace, honor your limits, and be respectful of your privacy (oh, and smell nice…unless our plans involve stinky fetishes!). I expect the same of you!

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