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+The Goddess of Love awaits you

Take my hand. Hold me close while I gaze into your eyes. Kiss me while I breathe you in. We become lost in each other’s scent and taste and let the slow dance begin. Aphrodite

Who is Aphrodite?

Well, besides being known as The Goddess of Love (aka Venus - but I think I am much prettier than that armless statue, thankyouverymuch!)…

…Some might refer to me as a ‘cougar’ but, I find that misleading. Cougars tend to pursue younger men and while they can often be nice ‘eye candy’ - I find my preference is for more mature men. Why? There is usually a sense of ease and connection during conversations. If my companion and I voted in the same elections, remember the same bands/songs and have no need to pepper our conversations with terms such as ‘dude’, ‘whassup?’ and so on…then, chances are we will enjoy a private dance of conversation and companionship.

That being said - I am a well-reviewed, mature (50) yr old woman who has a sense of humor, a quick laugh, a college diploma (tho’ I have NO idea where it is packed), a wonderful lifetime of experiences and travel under my belt, and a desire to experience many more ‘firsts’ in the next fifty years.

If you are still reading and haven’t switched to another profile…then, here is a bit more…

I appreciate the idea of being a part-time mistress - so, when you are with me, we can and will engage in intelligent conversation, you will be the focus of my attention, the man who receives my affection and admiration AND then, I get to send you home with out doing your laundry or having to like your dog (or mother, no offense).

We will be able to enjoy each other, as a man and woman, while dining, traveling, slow dancing, watching a show or musical (yes, I said musical), laughing, holding hands, and so on…who knows where those moments may lead? Hmmmm…

I tend toward conservative ideals in most areas of my life but am discovering the beauty of practicing yoga - as it benefits the body, mind and spirit. The more I learn about myself and honoring the ‘mind and body’ connection - I am becoming more fascinated by the sensual aspects of tantric massage.

As a woman/goddess(tongue firmly planted in cheek), I try to revel in my womanliness and steer clear of any ‘bratty diva’ behavior. You probably get enough of that, as it is, and are hungering for time and companionship that allows you to talk about what is on your mind or heart, yes? Perhaps you long for a companion to share your interests and pursuits? If you are willing to teach me or allow me to watch - I will gladly join you and perhaps, learn something new. At the very least, you can enjoy a good laugh watching me learn a new skill, right?

Discretion and privacy are VERY important to me. Mutual respect is crutial, as well. My pictures reflect my need for ‘privacy’ and I will gladly reveal my face prior to our first meeting. In the meantime, you can fill in the blanks with this description…

Short blonde hair, lovely (mesmerizing, so I am told) blue eyes, pretty smile (full lips), soft skin (pale), not a bbw and not a skinny-minny but somewhere in the curvy category :), natural (but lifted after weight loss) with shapely legs that look great in heels and a look that is described as ‘european/classic 50’s movie star’ and a sense of humor that is ‘quippy’ and based on observational humor.

I hope this is enough to ‘wet your appetite’ and satisfy your curiosity about spending time with a ‘goddess’ - the goddess of love, no less! True goddesses earn their knowledge, skills and sensual nature over time, through experiences (life is an amazing teacher) and from a genuine desire to please (and be pleased, if you must know!).

I look forward to hearing from you and arranging a time we can spend discussing the common bonds that goddesses and mortals might share…if you have any questions you have always wanted to ask a goddess, now is your chance! I promise you will better than Zeus or Apollo - though, I tend to favor Hermes wink

Till our eyes meet and our fingers touch…


I am a woman who enjoys a wide range of interests and hobbies.

Age is merely a number and while I am considered ‘mature’ - that speaks more of the lack of drama in my life, the lessons learned, the mountains climbed and the sweetness of moments I have experienced and tasted.

I adore traveling, trying new foods, exploring junk/vintage stores, trying new experiences and learning from those who have experiences to share. If you are passionate about a subject or a hobby, then I will gladly ‘sit at your feet’ and be a student, if you will allow me to do so.

If you long for a woman who is spirited, sometimes irreverent, humorous, still wide-eyed about the beauty of life, passionate, creative and artsy, affectionate, spiritual, playful, talented (singer), attractive with out being high-maintenance - then I may be the woman you seek.

One of my favorite things to do is…;kiss. To meet someone who loves to spend hours making out…like two teenagers, is my idea of a wonderfully sensual time. If that resonates with you - we may have a wonderful time together grin

Expectations and Donations

I hate to feel rushed or to have our time feel ‘mechanical’ and will do my best to avoid that when we meet but that takes two ;) When you send an inquiry or email, please tell me about yourself, in your introduction. This helps me establish whether we will be ‘compatible’ or not. As a low-volume companion, I chose to spend my time with those whom I would ‘date’ in real life. Therefore, I avoid those who smoke(or if it is detectable), are not clean or hygienic (body, teeth or privates), rude, arrogant (self confidence is great and sexy - arrogance is a turn off), or are too pushy.

If people compliment you on how ‘Your mama taught you your manners’ then you understand the above.

Secondly, I prefer men fifty and over - I will consider men in their forties based on our email communications/references and so on.

When we meet, please place my consultation fee in an obvious location so that I can verify it with a glance.

When you first contact me - please provide atleast two references, your P411 handle/info (if applicable) or whether I will have to verify you via employment. Thank you for understanding my need for safety and privacy - I will guard your safety and privacy needs, as well.


60 –220(i) 250(o)

90 (hour and a half)-300(i) 360(o)

120 (2hours)400(i) 440(o)

3-4 hour ‘dinner and dessert’ date – 500

Miscellaneous +

60 minutes + Stress reduction finish = 200

Manscape/Grooming Session

75 minutes + Stress reduction finish = 220

Add my Lingam ‘worship and massage’ = 260

Lingam ‘Worship’ and ‘massage’

Includes a personal cleansing that is soothing and intimate followed by a safe and sensual linguistic exploration and prostate massage. 60 min - 200

I look forward to meeting you!

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