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La Boheme

+You deserve someone as unique as you are.

“I reserve the right to love many different people at once, and to change my prince often.”
― Anaïs Nin

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting” - E.E. Cummigs

Think. When was the last time you were truly yourself?

It’s been a while.

Like I, you’ve come to realize that in this world, authenticity is hard to find. Everyday we see people try their best to color inside the lines. I appreciate that you do your best to color outside of them. I love your eccentricity. Your individualism. I appreciate you.

I cherish non-conformity. In you, and in myself.

You’re tired the usual upscale dinner companion. You’re eccentric and a lover of oddities. I like your quirky nature. Let me bring out more of it. You navigate the conservative world with ease, but your progressive self still burns within.

Allow me to be your new partner in crime; your lover; your delightful inner youth.

I want to move beyond the bedroom and explore the world around us while we explore each other. I could teach you the secret of bee-keeping over dinner, or maybe tell stories about living in rural china over afternoon tea? Perhaps a post-coital cuddle while we listen to the autumn rain outside our window…

Let’s create a world for us alone.

A world in which we’re our best, authentic and sensual selves. Our most bright, inner youthful-open-and-loving selves.

I am that “first love”. Curious, sweet, and passionate and perhaps a bit impish…

Again, and again and again.

Anzah Rose


A budding Anthropologist with a love of tea culture, video games and volunteering abroad. I enjoy Italian and Japanese foods, but Chinese cuisine is my favorite. I’ve lived in 3 different countries and would love to visit even more. I speak Mandarin with a lovely southwest dialect/accent.

Want to adventure with me?

Expectations and Donations

While I am based in San Francisco, CAm I will happily fly anywhere on the west coast and to the southwest.

I hope you’ll visit my website to view my bio, rates, and more pictures. Message me, let’s begin the journey of our romantic friendship.

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