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Ananda Healer

+Welcome to My Sensual World…

Live in Joy, Share in Bliss, Transcend the Mediocre, Realize Ecstasy

My healer name is Ananda Healer. Healer is not a euphamism.
Ananda is a Sanskrit word describing the combined principals of…
Joy, Bliss, Transcendence, and Ecstasy

I chose it because there isn’t one word in our language which contains all of the concepts I embrace and aspire to live. It isn’t my given name but it is my REAL name.

I am 43 years old and have enjoyed many things in life. I have always been drawn to sexual energy and persons who are comfortable in their own skin. I discovered one day, to my delight, I am one of those persons. I want to help other people become truly comfortable and satisfied in their own unique sexuality.

I am often referred to as sensual, feline, fertile, womanly and generally sexy.

I have been in the sensual massage, sacred intimate, sex educator and erotic modeling world for 6+ years.

I have extensive training in various sensual arts; massage, reiki, tantra, counseling, intrapersonal communications, teaching adults, group process, dance, and music. All of these come into my work and play, adding a rare depth and dimensionality to our time together.

I love getting to know a special someone over time, learning and remembering the things you/we enjoy and building on those, adding to that initial knowledge. I enjoy long term affairs, and I urge you to allow yourself to fall just a little bit in love with our time together. You will always be a person first with me, and a seeker of a sensual nature as part of your whole being.

You will find me a wonderful conversationalist, enthusiastically able discuss many topics, from hiking to science fiction, to my study of sensuality. You will also clearly find that my primary language is touch and connection physically. I also love music of all types, or the sound of just breath aligning as the exotic core temperature rises

I am selective in who I see — it takes a little time to get in to see me the first time — and you can be sure I am invested in the QUALITY of our time together, not the quantity of people I put on my calendar.

Six+ years into my sensual healing practice, I bring maturity and wisdom with a dynamic level of energy to my custom crafted sessions.I am a genuine healer & teacher, NOT a euphemism. In an industry of people from so many varied backgrounds, using so many similar words, I am the “real deal”

Expectations and Donations

Please, see my website for my full range of menu options and customary donations.

I offer many different types of sessions.

My maximum expected donation is $300 /hour for my Time and Essence Session, My platinum level session. Longer sessions are available. My menu is fun to read as well as informative, Enjoy!

We will get along best if you are text and email friendly - My in person presence means I am not available for unscheduled phone communication. Once together - you will have my full attention without phone interruptions.

I am a weekday lady, with a full and rich life away from my studio as well as within it.

My usual studio availability is Monday-Friday 11 ish - 6 ish, with apprx 2 Saturdays per month. My current availability is always posted on my email away greeting.

First sessions require screening and can take 1-3 days pending your references; repeat clients may opt for same day text booking pending availability.

Contact Info

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