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Alicia Kerrington

+Are you searching for passion?

Exotic Chocolate for the connoisseur. Your search has ended.

Are you searching for the passion that comes from a primal, sexual attraction between two people?

I’m the woman you’ve fantasized about but didn’t know where to find her. People who get to know me say I’m modest, articulate, and graced with the social poise to make me the perfect companion for any type of gathering, or simply private time alone. More than once I’ve been called a “stunningly appealing” woman with “tasteful style and elegance” and a simmering undercurrent of tasteful and restrained sexuality that men seem to find irresistible.

I pride myself on being the best companion you could ever wish for, so I’m deeply flattered when I get these kind of comments; it tells me I’m right to be following my intuition and my heart.
But it’s during our private time alone, when you gently trace the contours of my neck with your light kisses and I feel the warmth of your breath, whispering your fantasies in my ear, that my devilish appetite for play comes alive.

Lets arose your devilish appetite in Sin City!


Poetry, Beaches, and Mountains.

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90 minute minimum 

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