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Alexia Eva

+An adventure to be had

…chemistry has built deliciously and the bed will be completely tossed by the end of the evening.

Intelligent. Sexy. Sarcastic. Loyal. A natural pleaser, a confidant. And always, completely and totally- me.

There is my list. For the casual glancer that’s all you need to know; the cliff-notes. Feel free to continue on to my site and enjoy the expanded version there.

For those who need a bit more convincing:

Email me. I enjoy the correspondence before hand that allows us to really connect. I want to put you at ease and build the chemistry between us so when we meet you will already know me. We’ll have already connected mentally and the stage will be set stage for an amazing excursion exploring ourselves in other ways. Flirting over dinner and drinks with an occasional naughty touch, conversing about various topics from the newest scientific discoveries to cultural habits. Enjoying cuddles in a bed that may or may not have been rumpled by jumping on it- not that it matters; chemistry has built deliciously and the bed will be completely tossed by the end of the evening.

For those who are interested: I am submissive, not to be confused with passive or shy. I am outgoing and assertive, but I enjoy a man who takes the reigns in and out of the bedroom. Someone who is gentle but forceful, demands my affections and praises me for being a good girl. An excursion with a dominant person or someone familiar with the BDSM lifestyle is always enjoyable. I also engage in some fetish play, but this will not occur on an introductory meeting. Please note: none of the above mentioned activities are necessary for me to fully enjoy myself.

So again, I encourage you to continue to explore me. Take a look at my website, read over my blog, or email me. I know I’m not the right companion for everyone, but I would thoroughly enjoy the chance to be your oasis in this hectic swirl of life.

~Alexia Eva

I enjoy traveling for excursions of 4 hours or more with expenses paid.


Science, specifically chemistry and biology. Lets talk nerd ;) Anthropology: cultural and medical. Karate: one year out from my black belt. Blogging. New: Tweeting! Reading- Nothing better (well… almost nothing). If you know who Terry Pratchett is, I already love you. Animals: ask about my cats. Veteran and military supporter.

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