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Alexa Tendertouch

+How will pleasure improve the quality of your life?

You are the gift

Welcome ~ enter my world of tender touch and silken sensation

where pleasure lives and time falls away.

Imagine, during a long, busy week, coming into a sanctuary where you completely relax and surrender into the awakening pleasure of your entire body.

Experience my sublime combination of skillful CMT Swedish and light, tender touch and sink into rapture…

refreshed, relaxed, satisfied.

Luxuriate in my total attention… plus, discover the keys to what delights me.

About You

You are a gentleman who wants to experience openheartedness, depth and passion.

You spend your time taking care of business and taking care of other people. What would it be like to let go and put yourself in my tender hands?

You’re looking for a slow journey, because you know that the ride itself and the pauses along the way are what make it memorable.

I treasure you.

About Me

At my core I’m an artist ~ a creative, potent, feminine spirit.

I’m exceptionally sensitive. Music playing reverberates through my body, complex flavors delight my tongue… and when you’re feeling good I feel it, too, so tender touch intoxicates us both.

I love to share a laugh or a sigh… Playful banter or soulful stillness ~ both are beautiful.


I’m a published writer and adore sculpting with words. I also love laughing, singing and massage.

Expectations and Donations

Browse my website for session options and gallery…and enjoy my silky voice in your ear at the TenderBlog.

Through November 3, I’m in the South Bay at a private residence with plenty of comforts.

Then I’lll be back to my usual lovely studios in both San Francisco/Civic Center and Oakland/Lake Merritt, for your convenience. An outcall to downtown SF, Oakland or Berkeley is also possible.

Till soon… tenderly yours ~


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