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Adrianna Carter

+Vegas Vixen Adrianna Carter at your service

Temptation is a womans weapon and a mans excuse

Look into my exotic, almond eyes and you will see what your heart desires. I am wild and sexy; I am romantic and tranquil. I am staying out all night at a rock concert; I am cuddling by the fire with you and a good bottle of wine. I am sophisticated and nuanced; I am the girl next door. I’m a true GFE, and you are a gentleman of taste and refinement.

In my photos you will see a classic hour-glass figure, well-proportioned, with flawless skin and long, luxurious, silken hair. You will see strong, athletic legs and toned arms, and know that I keep myself in excellent shape. But there is more to me than just a beautiful body. You may love my soft, pliable lips and my long, delicate neck. You may love the womanly curves of my rounded derrière, the fullness of my firm breasts … the weight of them in your hands…

But this isn’t the whole of me. I am a diamond with many facets, each one revealing a new aspect of the whole. I am at home in a designer evening dress, on your arm at a charity function, perhaps attending the symphony. Or in something shorter, which clings to my curves, at a jazz club. Or in nothing at all as we skinny-dip in a secluded spot, listening to country music at a lake. A look from a different angle reveals another mien. I will charm your co-workers, impress your brother, or even make your best friend jealous. But most importantly, you will feel relaxed and comfortable with me at your side. And some of those facets must be explored up close and in person to appreciate their full brilliance. For you, I will shine.

Whether we spend the evening out, experiencing the dazzling, chaotic excitement of the Vegas nightlife, or spend it slowly exploring each others bodies by candlelight, our time together will be special. I can be the oasis you’ve been looking for, a transport away from your daily stresses and into our own, private sanctuary.

For the gentleman seeking the rare creature of passion and sensuousness, of equanimity and serenity, who treats a woman as a lady, with kindness and respect, it would please me to give you the attention you crave and deserve. Finding such a man arouses my intellectual curiosity as well as my physical desires, and if you are this rare breed, I cannot wait to meet you, to pamper you, to be with you.

Though I offer shorter engagements, I much prefer more leisurely rendezvous, as true quality cannot be rushed, and your time will be well-spent as we get to know one another … intimately.

Adrianna xo


Wine, Traveling, Horseback, Bikram Yoga, Fitness, Gourmet Dining, Dog Lover

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