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Adriana Paige

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I’m your southern twang fix

Hi my name is Adriana Paige, I am welcoming you to explore an extravagant time with a genuine sweetheart.

I am a petite little latina that stands 5’3 and weighs 126 pounds. I have medium length hair that is a dark brown color with the typical brown eyes. I am just a bundle of fun, sweet, sexy, sensuality, and a divine passion to please.

I know you will find yourself very addicted to me once you lay your eyes on such a loving package. I am so eager to please, and love being around another passionate companion. I have so many unknown talents that I would love to share with you. I only provide the best passions and look forward to meeting the wonderful people in Dallas.

I do hope you will take the time to look into me and come spend some time with a true beauty. I am always ready to have a great time, so I hope you are. I greatly appreciate all of the time you have taken to get to know some of the basics about myself, but there is still so much more that I can only hope you come find out for yourself. I hope you have a very wonderful day and again Thank You.


Adriana Paige



I have a huge interest in animals, I love offering my spare time to volunteer at the local animal shelters. I have been breeding Blue Gotti Pitbulls for 13 years now, of course I started at a very young age with the help of my co-worker. I hope to someday help change the aspects some people may have on the Pitbull Terrier Breed.

Expectations and Donations

I do ask that any questions or concerns about any Expectations to accomodate for our date be very discreet and always discussed in a polite and correct manner through my email (

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