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+The Illustrated woman: Sexy, smart and sassy as hell!

The constellations of illustrations etched forever on her flesh are a treasure map for you to follow, fingertips tracing her perfect curves, back arching, her softest skin quivering under your touch

Hey Stranger, Did you ever lust after that sexy, badass punk girl in highschool who was too smart for her own good? The last time you were strolling the MoMA (you know, before it closed for renovations) and overheard a super stylish, intelligent woman discussing her favorite Joel-Peter Witkin photograph could you not resist letting your gaze linger on the perfect curve of her ass? Daydream of intimately getting to know a Suicide Girl or Alt-Porn Star? If you answered these queries affirmatively, you have stumbled upon the perfect personal companion for you.

Physically, I provide a different aesthetic from most, while retaining classically beautiful features. I am heavily but tastefully tattooed and you may recognize me from Suicidegirls, Godsgirls, Deviant Nation and and have appeared in such DVD titles as “Never Mind the DVD Next To This One, Here’s Burning Angel” and “School of Black C+ck II.” I have also appeared in many tattoo magazines and publications. Is your eye pulled to delicate, feminine facial features and lush lips, pale, creamy skin, long dark hair, a lovely, naturally full decolettage with a tiny waist and a luscious behind? You’ll find I have all of those qualities. I am a mix of Norwegian, Uzbekistani and Lativian Jewish heritage. I have lovely feet with high, graceful arches and am happy to do my best to accommodate any special requests for attire.

I have many passions and I spend a lot of time cultivating my brainier interests. You want to spend time with someone who can keep up with you intellectually and who will never embarass you, right? If your ideal companion is beyond comfortable at michelin starred restaurants, business engagements and black tie events but also a blast to hang out with at home, talking about our favorite books, watching a little Game of Thrones, or even playing BioShock Infinite (we are in the bay area after all folks) before or after we enjoy some more intimate hedonism, then You’ve found your gal. If you are a gourmand, but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home, with multi hour appointments you can request I cook you an impressive meal (especially if you like the idea of me in nothing but a sexy fifties apron and heels, holding a spatula). Please contact me for sample menus.

Two things set me apart (aside from all those tattoos of course). First is that I TRULY love to please, deriving pleasure from your own. I genuinely love what I do and that translates into the kind of experience you get. I am told time and again that I have the unique ability to set you at ease, inspiring trust and honesty. Comfortable in the knowledge that you are with a nurturing, accepting and utterly nonjudgemental woman, you will feel liberated to open up and explore those deepest fantasies you may never have dared to utter out loud before. I want to give you that safe space to play and explore! I will join you in your enjoyment and your experience with me will be scintillating, genuine and deeply personal. As our time together ends, you will start counting the moments until we meet again. I am passionate, sensual and very fond of a wide array of kink and fetish (I am a switch; Please contact me if you have questions about whether I will indulge a particular fetish/kink scene… Like all people, I have my absolute favorites but I am very open minded) and ardent expression though I also provide an incredible traditional experience.  I love giving massage, and have glowing feedback. I have not had formal training, but I was taught by the incredible Sarah Bella (sensual CMT provider of 10+ years). We are available in LA for 2xs. I have no interest in putting on a facade, so when we meet, what you get is all me, sweet, interesting, intelligent, sexy, compassionate, outgoing and charming. I want nothing more than to leave you with a big grin and the fondest of memories 


Cultural Anthopology, Linguistics, excellent food, art of many kinds, cinema, sex, stimulating discussion, human sexuality, polyamory, ethnobotany, ethno-pharmacology, beautiful lingerie and books. Lots of books. Some of my favorite reading materials, if you are interested in what I am consuming, include Sex At Dawn, God’s Middle Finger (A journey into the lawless heart of the Sierra Madre), One River, The Serpent and The Rainbow, The Crying of Lot 49, American Nomads, The Ethical Slut, etc. 

As far as gifts go, your favorite book, gift certificates to Bi-Rite market, unusual flowers, or lingerie in my size (36D, underwear and garter belts in size 4, from Agent Provocateur (especially the Soiree Collection) are always apreciated. There is a wishlist at the Agent P Union Square store under “Adahlia.” In lieu of more traditional gifts, donations can always be made to Planned Parenthood, SWOP (Sex Workers Outreach Project) Bay Area or St James Infirmary in SF and are greatly appreciated. 

Expectations and Donations

My lovely assistant, Simone, is available by phone and email M-F 7am-3pm. Provided you have reached out during those hours, expect a prompt response. If you phone/email outside these hours, you’ll here back the next business day.

My consideration is $400 per hour (or $500 per hour outside of California) . I am available to come to you at your upscale hotel or home. I am a busy girl between school, art and personal projects, so I prefer bookings with 24 hours advanced notice, though I am sometimes availible for same day bookings, provided I can screen you appropriately (I have several options for a quick, easy and painless screening) before we meet, for my safety.

Overnights (12 hours) are $3,500

A whole delicious day (up to 24 hours) $6,000

an unforgettable weekend away is $8,000

For longer bookings, please inquire.

I am based in San Francisco. Any appointments more than twenty miles from downtown SF require a two hour minimum booking. If you are based elsewhere in the world I am available for international travel (deposit and additional screening required if we haven’t already spent time together). If I come to you, you are of course responsible for the price of any transportation costs.

I am availible for men, couples, women, trans-people and anyone in between who is safe, clean and respectful. I never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability status etc. I have lots of sexy boyfriends and girlfriends who are availible to join me. If group activities are your cup of tea, please email me.

I pay immaculate attention to personal hygiene and expect the same of you.

Please leave consideration in plain view upon meeting and do not ruin the mood by mentioning it.

Though I have bold style, I’m a lady. Any lewd or graphic conversation over phone or email will lead to swift  (and permanent) termination of our communication

Contact Info

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