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International Day to End Violence against Sex Workers

Paper Cranes and Red Umbrellas: December 17th is a time to re-affirm our commitment as a community to end the violence sex workers face and work towards more visibility, empowerment and human rights.

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An Interview with Nina Hartley: Pornstar Legend and Sex Educator

Everyone knows about legendary porn performer Nina Hartley, but do you know what she's currently working on? Read on for a fascinating look at Nina in all her candid glory!

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An Interview with American Courtesans Creator Kristen DiAngelo

Kristen DiAngelo, sex worker, warrior, and now filmmaker released her documentary film exploring the experiences of sex workers in July. She gave Adult Hookup the opportunity to interview her about her experiences in the industry and ask her about her groundbreaking new film. Look inside for insight from a veteran sex worker who is making an impact...

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Illustrator Erika Moen Shares The Joy of Sex Toys

Making the most of her passion for comics and exploring sexuality, Erika Moen shares her adventures in masturbation and kink with her web comic, Oh Joy Sex Toy. Learn more about Erika, her blog, and how you can see her amazing work live!

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How to Date a Sex Worker (Successfully!): Tips for Coming Home

There's a fair amount of information out there on how to be a respectful client, but not much on how to be a good partner to someone working in the adult industry. Have you ever dated a sex worker? Or maybe you're on the brink of dating someone new, and you find out they are a sex worker? Here's a short guide for partners in these relationships on how to be both an ally and a lover.

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An Interview with Cultural Anthropologist Dr. Kate Frank

Between TV show "Masters of Sex," sex research has been on the mind of many. During my research for an article on highly educated sex workers, I stumbled across Dr. Kate Frank, a cultural anthropologist and former stripper who has focused her research on the realm of sexuality. Take a look at a researcher currently studying group sex without the Hollywood filter.

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Are Fewer Men Paying For Sex?

Is it really true that fewer men are paying for sex these days? The Los Angeles Times, fueled by General Social Survey, claims more men are turning away from prostitution. Is this actually true or is it simply a myth being spread by prohibitionists?

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Male Chastity and Orgasm Control: The Eroticism in Sexual Denial

When you think of "orgasm control," you may have visions of Medieval damsels and their protected virginity cross your mind...but chastity isn't just for the ladies these days. Between the No Fap movement and the increasing popularity of male chastity devices, playing with orgasm control is easier than ever. As one brilliant anonymous person once said, “Fighting for peace is like fucking for chastity.”

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Sexy Academics: When Sex Work and Education Collide

Some people say that sex worker students are a myth, but that's far from the truth. Sexual and intellectual pursuits are far more entwined than you may think! Take a look at a few academic and intellectual voices that are fighting one stereotype about adult entertainers of all kinds.

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Have Japanese Youth Stopped Having Sex? On the Flight From Human Intimacy

Abigail Haworth wrote a piece for The Guardian exploring the latest concerning trend in Japan known as "celibacy syndrome". As pregnancy rates and the number of marriages plummets to all time lows, there are concerns about what this means for the future. Are young people uninterested in sex, or is there something amiss in Asia?

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