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Talking The Talk

When it comes to getting your kinky needs met, closed mouths don't get fed.The most important part of BDSM isn’t knowing the jargon, having top of the line toys or being into a laundry list of kinks, it is communication.

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Power in Domestic Service

Submissives have the power to change A Mistress's world for the better. What I love about lifestyle domestic service can be hard to describe most days. The obvious change in scenery when a service submissive or slave has completed a task, tidied a room or cared for my tools is appreciated by anyone who enjoys an orderly home and work space, but there's more to it.

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When (and How) to Send a Dick Pic

Have you ever sent someone a quick photo of your penis or considered it just because you felt the urge? This post is for you.

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L.A.'s Measure B Law Now Forces Porn Stars to Wear Condoms - Will You Keep Watching?

Surely it's no secret that men are highly sexual creatures, right? Not only does the thought of sex enter the minds of most men several times throughout the day on a regular basis, but it's equally as important to fulfill those sexual needs to relieve stress and maintain your sanity in some capacity.

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INTERVIEW: Porn Star Betty Blac

Betty Blac is smart, sexy and navigating her way into the porn industry. She's's only BBW cam model and much more than a lovely face and impressive cleavage. I had the opportunity to ask her the questions on everyone's minds. Check her out and learn more in our interview below.

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For the Love of Latex

Latex clothing, why do we love it so much? Is it the shine, the smell, the sound? Tight and hugging every curve - the sleek, slick look and feel against our skin.

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The Power of Erotic Role-Play: The 'Who'

In this third part of Ms. DiLetto's sexy series, she explores who players choose to inhabit and discusses role-playing as archetypes versus alternate personas.

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Male to Female Anal Sex

"She's my little rock n roll ~ My tits and ass with soul baby!" Rolling Stones: T & A. - T & A are popular. Little tiny halter tops, super short skirts and shorts. Bikini bathing suits. Exercise outfits. Tits & Ass abound all summer. Most people talk about tits, though we all know ass is the other side of it.

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My Favorite Pervertable

Ever wonder what else a massage chair is good for? Often I hear kinksters wish they could have a dungeon in their own home but bemoan a lack of space or privacy to make that dream a reality when it comes to bondage furniture.

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Roleplaying Games

From Dungeons and Dragons to dungeons and 'gasms: A moment of introspection and speculation on why kinksters so often happen to be nerds too

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