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Are Fewer Men Paying For Sex?

Is it really true that fewer men are paying for sex these days? The Los Angeles Times, fueled by General Social Survey, claims more men are turning away from prostitution. Is this actually true or is it simply a myth being spread by prohibitionists?

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Sexy Academics: When Sex Work and Education Collide

Some people say that sex worker students are a myth, but that's far from the truth. Sexual and intellectual pursuits are far more entwined than you may think! Take a look at a few academic and intellectual voices that are fighting one stereotype about adult entertainers of all kinds.

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Have Japanese Youth Stopped Having Sex? On the Flight From Human Intimacy

Abigail Haworth wrote a piece for The Guardian exploring the latest concerning trend in Japan known as "celibacy syndrome". As pregnancy rates and the number of marriages plummets to all time lows, there are concerns about what this means for the future. Are young people uninterested in sex, or is there something amiss in Asia?

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Book Review: Opening Up, A Guide To Creating And Sustaining Open Relationships

Many folks are dissatisfied with monogamy, but open relationships can seem intimidating to take on successfully. Alternative relationships take just as much as traditional ones, and aren't always a perfect solution...but knowing how to manage them sure helps. Tristian Taormino brings heat to the art of polyamory with this excellent title by Cleis Press!

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Ms. Dykefire: Queer Answers For Straight Problems!

Need advice? Look no further! This series of articles is aimed at straight-identifying men (cis and trans*), or anyone else along the gender spectrum who feels that they could benefit from the Sapphic insight of a seasoned queer who has dated folks of all different bodies, identities, backgrounds, and classes.

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It’s In the Stars: How Mercury Retrograde Makes for Great Sex

A look at what astrology is saying about your sex life (and how you can use this Mercury Retrograde even if you aren't a believer!)

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Arse Elektronika: Like an Orgasm for Your Brain [UPDATE]

An event over four days in San Francisco to talk about ID/ENTITY: the intersection of sex, technology, identity. The possibilities are boundless! Read about what happens when sex meets technology: Sex toys, sex history, and a robot made for fucking, oh my!

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Science Reveals Who's Hornier: Men Or Women?

Think that men are the horndogs of our species? Guess again! What if everything you thought you knew about human sexuality – and female desire in particular – turned out to be false?

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The Dos and Don'ts of Meeting an hookup

You finally found an hookup that you'd like to meet with! Congratulations! If it's your first time, you're probably pretty nervous about what to say and what to do (or what NOT to say and do!). No one wants to look like a jerk! Here's a quick and handy guide to helping you through your first appointment.

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Why These 4 "Normal" Guys Are Sexier Than Male Models

Four guys in England re-created underwear ads starring famous male models...and turns out, these average guys are sexier than the models themselves! Want to find out how to be a sexy guy? Follow their example by finding out what made them sexier inside...

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