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Dinner Date Dos and Don'ts - Dining With Your Adult Service Provider

Spending time with a provider in public is different from spending time with her in private. Know the rules of engagement before you decide to dine with a professional companion, and you'll avoid any unforeseen embarrassment.

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American Courtesans: Sex Work Documentary Heating Up The Screen

A documentary exploring the real lives of hookups and their cohorts is released today! Find out more about the film and how YOU can help elevate the voices featured in this brilliant piece created by an amazing woman named Kristen DiAngelo...

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When the Provider You Hired Isn't a Good Fit

Your much-anticipated appointment with an hookup, Domme, or masseuse isn’t living up to your expectations. Here's how to handle the situation gracefully and avoid a similar snafu in the future.

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Sex and Porn: Searches and Stats From Around the World

What are the most common porn searches in places like Argentina and Pakistan? Where are people having the most sex and what kind of sex is turning them on? Check out the latest stats and some curious info from around the world.

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U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Down 'Anti-Prostitution Pledge'

The nation's highest court has ruled that requiring American HIV-prevention orgs to be anti-sex work in order to receive federal funding violates the First Amendment. Below is a summary of what you need to know and may not have read about this landmark decision.

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Three Ways To Make Sex Better - Get better at giving pleasure to your partner leading to an improved sex life for yourself

Introducing three easy ways you can get better at giving your partner sexual pleasure. Learn these simple tricks and you won't worry about your performance because you'll know that you've given her pleasure long before you get there.

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Social Security Makes It Easier to Change Your Gender

One of the challenges that trans and genderqueer people typically face is getting the government to acknowledge their gender on official identification. This month, the Social Security Administration took a big leap forward by no longer requiring that a person have had surgery to change their official gender on government records.

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Common Screening Practices for First Time Encounters

All hookups can probably agree on the importance of screening new clients. With all the technology available today, there is no reason for any provider to skip this step and you should prepare yourself for some of the most common methods used for screening.

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Watching Porn Through the Looking Glass...But Not Google Glass!

For those of you who were salivating with anticipation over the first porn app developed for Google Glass, great disappointment lies ahead.

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How to Hire hookups and Adult Providers Without Feeling Like a Creep

If you are new to the hobby, you might not be sure how to feel about seeing hookups on several levels. When we start exploring new areas of interest, we usually aren't very sure of ourselves and become filled with self-doubt.

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